The Sharia

12. Mai 2013 Schirrmacher 0

Law and Order in Islam What is Sharia law? Centuries ago the West might have been indifferent to the question of how the Islamic legal system operates. But in our time of globalization we can no longer afford to ignore the legal approach that is […]

Islam and Society

12. Dezember 2008 Schirrmacher 0

Sharia Law – Jihad – Women in Islam – Essays The Challenge of Muslim Immigration to Europe – The Challenge of Islam: Are we Equipped? – Is Multi(Culti) at an End? – Islam – Religion of Peace? – How Muslims view Christians – What is […]

The Islamic View of Major Christian Teachings

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The Role of Jesus Christ, Sin, Faith, and Forgiveness – Essays This book from a renowned scholar of Islamic studies deals with the Islamic view on Christian teachings of Jesus Christ, such as sin, faith, and forgiveness, in a very detailed fashion, and is particularly […]


Mit den Waffen des Gegners

1. Januar 1992 Schirrmacher 0

Christlich-muslimische Kontroversen im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert Mit den Waffen des Gegners. Christlich-Muslimische Kontroversen im 19. und 20. Jahrhundert, dargestellt am Beispiel der Auseinandersetzung um Karl Gottlieb Pfanders ‘mîzân al-haqq’ und Rahmatullâh Ibn Halîl al-Utmânî al-Kairânawîs ‘izhâr al-haqq’ und der Diskussion über das Barnabasevangelium. Reihe […]